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The Hudson Valley: A Cider Region

With renowned scenic beauty, the Hudson Valley is a vital and diverse agricultural landscape. Apples thrive in the valley’s ideal climate, soil and topography, as though the fruit and the land were made for each other. Before America was even a nation, apples were fermented into hard cider that quenched the thirst of a growing population. Cider was an everyday, anytime drink, appearing at breakfast tables and in local taverns. Prohibition and urbanization stifled hard cider production, and for a time our cider culture was lost. Today a cider revival is underway, and the Hudson Valley is a vibrant center of production. The craggy arms of apple trees still embrace this land, and once again our cideries are blossoming.




What is Cider?

Craft cider is an agricultural product made by fermenting the fresh-pressed juice of apples, and ciders range from sweet to dry and from still to bubbly. The revival of hard cider is bringing back apple varieties rich in acidity, tannins and fragrance, and thus well-suited to fermentation. In the Hudson Valley, growers are planting long-forgotten varieties of apples and cider makers are discovering terroir and experimenting with forgotten cultivars. The result: diverse and delicious ciders that make food sing, complement everyday and special celebrations, and are perfect for sharing any time of year.




Our Partners



Glynwood's mission is to ensure that the Hudson Valley is a region defined by food, where farming thrives. Glynwood's Cider Project has led numerous regional and statewide efforts to support the growth of hard cider – resulting in greater profitability for orchards, increased production of cider apple varieties, and a deeper appreciation for farm-based craft cider.

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Taste NY is an initiative launched by Governor Cuomo in 2013 to promote New York's food and beverage industries. It is overseen by the Department of Agriculture and Markets.New York produces some of the best wine, beer, spirits, and cider in the world and our craft beverage industry is not only boosting local economies and creating jobs, but also providing a new niche within our state’s agricultural sector. New state laws that cut burdensome requirements placed on producers and ease restrictions on marketing have made this possible.

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The mission of the New York Cider Association is to support producers of fermented cider and the New York cider making industry in its vital role as an economic engine for agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism; build a market for New York cider made from New York apples; advocate for the New York cider industry through education, research, and communication; promote New York State as a world class cider producing region; and support the work of regional cider alliances within New York State. NYCA is also the lead producer of Cider Week in New York.

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